Belobog Industries: A Deep Dive (Mythology)

Belobog Industries

Belobog Industries is a faction that was revealed in the first trailer for Zenless Zone Zero. It has 3 members that we know of so far, and if we look at bear guys jacket, we can find the characters "白祇重工" - this is the Chinese name for the faction and translates roughly to "Bai Qi Heavy Industries". In Chinese, bai qi is synonmyous with "White God". Why I bother telling you this will become obvious soon, there are some crazy mythological references concerning Belobog in Zenless Zone Zero and I'll try to summarize it as well as I can here, and I hope you will enjoy the read!

What is Belobog?

Actually, there are two answers to this question:

1. Belobog is a god in slavic mytology (wikipedia): Belbog or Bielbog[a] (lit. "White God", reconstructed as Bělobogъ orBělъ Bogъ, from bělъ ("white") +bogъ ("god")[1]) is the reconstructed name of the alleged god of auspicious fate worshiped by the Polabian Slavs. His name was derived by analogy to the Chernobog (lit. Black God) mentioned by Helmod in the Chronica Slavorum, who is a god of bad luck, and from the name of toponyms, such as Belye bogi, near modern Moscow. The pair of these gods is often presented as evidence of "Slavic dualism," although their authenticity is controversial. - remember the meaning of Bai Qi? Also keep the dualism symbolism in mind because it will become relevant very soon.

2. Belobog is a location in Honkai: Star Rail. We can learn more about this location in miHoYos Travel Log. Traversing across the snow plains, you can get a full view of Belobog, the only spot on Jarilo VI that barely fits the definition of "a warm place." As the only remaining city with human civilization, Belobog has been given many noble titles: the last bastion of mankind against the Eternal Freeze, the land blessed by Plamya...
Nearly a millennium ago, the blistering Eternal Freeze sealed human civilization in time. As sweeping winds and blizzards buried the world in a pale silver, only Belobog survived, thanks to the blessings from a protector. Although suffering in wind and snow, humans carry on.
- Now, keep Jarilo in mind for a while ;)

It's very reminscent to our description for New Eridu: New Eridu — the last shelter for urban civilization.. What's also interesting is that Belobog is divided in two: the Overworld and the Underworld, we can also notice a similar divide in Zenless Zone Zero: Live dual identities, two opposing personas. Behind seemingly peaceful streets, Proxies operate in a warped reality - So we have dualism for Belobog in Slavic mythology, we have dualism for Belobog in Honkai: Star Rail, and we havedualism in Zenless Zone Zero.

Belobog Logo

The logo on his back is a reference to Slavic Christmas-related rituals called Koliada - it's celebrated in december to honor the sun during the winter solistice. Remember how Belobog barely fit the definition of "a warm place" in Jarilo, who suffers from the blistering Eternal Freeze? Oh and it doesn't stop here - I've failed to mention that Jarilo is also a Slavic god, the son of the Slavic god of thunder - Perun. But who's Perun? Well, some believe that Belobog is in fact, Perun.