Corin Wickes (Maid Girl) Revealed

Victoria Housekeeping Co. feedback from a customer:
Service Capability: ★★★★
Service Quality: ★★★☆
Service Attitude: ★★☆☆

MESSAGE: Don't get me wrong, the part where I didn't give her full stars wasn't because she didn't do a good job. I found her skittish attitude unsettling at first, but the girl did a great job! Every task I gave her she did well. I just don't understand why she always looks so scared, when it's me who should be scared, right? I mean she's carrying around a chainsaw-looking thing!

Speaking of which... That's just a fancy-looking brush, right? Please tell me it isn't actually a chainsaw.

Voice Actors

Japanese: Igarashi Hiromi

Chinese: Mu Fei (沐霏)