New Eridu Settlers Guide Vol.2 | The City Life

Dear prospective citizens,

New Eridu is known as the last 'oasis' due to the technology allowing it to coexist with the Hollows.

As requested by New Eridu City Administration, we provide the latest city guide to all who wish to enter New Eridu. Please check it out!

Your new life living next to the Hollows!

Hollows can be found in New Eridu, quite a few of them.

Wait, don't start screaming, there's no need to panic! Living next to a Hollow is the hallmark of this miracle city!

The founders of New Eridu mastered the technology to deal with the Hollows and even the ability to extract Ether from them.

The entire city's prosperity relies on this precious resource, a magic exclusive to New Eridu!

A Colorful Metropolis

Hospitality, openness, and freedom are the foundations of New Eridu, where disaster refugees, the displaced, and survivors from other settlements can find a home!

It's this colorful mix of people that has created a diverse urban environment, where you can see both the wonders forged by Ether technology, and the remaining remnants of the old civilization.

Just don't mess with the gangs, Hollow Raiders, crazies, or conspirators, avoid Hollow disasters and follow the instructions, and New Eridu will give you the perfect life experience!

Slow Life in the City of Wonders

Are you curious about the development of Ether technology? Do you miss the old civilization? Do you want to return to the hustle and bustle of urban life? Or just want to stay safe in these disaster-filled days?

No problem! New Eridu can satisfy your every desire! Take Sixth Street for example, where you can find vintage music stores, video stores, classic stores, a ramen shop, and an arcade... Even in a world surrounded by disaster you can live life to the fullest!

New Resident Tips

To get started in New Eridu, you'll need to prepare the following:

  • 1. Give yourself some time to adjust to your new life.
  • 2. Physical condition ready to deal with any unexpected situations.
  • 3. The strong mental capacity to live aside Hollows.
  • 4. Time to stroll around and get to know the city.