New Eridu Settlers Guide Vol.3 | The Bangboo

Dear prospective citizens, if you want to quickly adapt to and enjoy your new life in New Eridu, please be sure to treat these intelligent Bangboo devices well!

But before you disassemble it, read this guide, it will be helpful to both you and your Bangboo!!!

The Bangboo

Small body, big helper!

When you walk down the street and see a small figure making "enn enn" noises, don't be alarmed. It's just a Bangboo — an intelligent device unique to New Eridu. Bangboo are only around knee-height in size, but they're indispensable helpers in New Eridu's daily operation. After years of research and development, Bangboo are widely and comprehensively used in many scenarios. Many factories also provide customization services to allow for specific Bangboo functions for different groups of people.

What can Bangboo be used for?

Bangboo were originally created to assist New Eridu residents with evacuation in Hollow disasters. When a Hollow occurs in New Eridu's residential areas, Bangboo will immediately receive disaster information and evacuation guidance from the public network, and help people around them avoid the hazard-prone areas.

Now, thanks to technological advancement and emerging diverse needs, Bangboo have evolved from simple helper intelligent devices for disaster avoidance to more comprehensive and versatile intelligent individuals. Some pro version Bangboo even go deep into Hollows with Investigators and help with various operations.

A Bangboo's Self-Introduction

1. Enn Ennen!

(Please read the enclosed instruction manual carefully before use.)

2. Ennnnennnn, ennn! Enn!

(Please purchase us through official channels. Do not buy illegally modified Bangboo! We can not guarantee your safety if you use such models!)

3. Nennnennn, ennn enenen, ennnen!

(If we suddenly start making unpleasant noises, moving slowly, or if the screen on our faces starts to blink, please find a charging station and charge us immediately.)

4. Ennenn, ennnenn nnnneeen, enenen!

(If you see us walking alone on the street, please don't try to take us home.It is illegal to steal Bangboo!)

5. Ennennn! ❥(^_-)

(Precise translation failed, possible meaning: cute, bye-bye, that's it, I'm done)