Bangboo Tier List

This is our preliminary tier list for all of the Bangboo that are currently in Zenless Zone Zero as of the second closed beta (Equalizing Test). You might be asking, why a Bangboo tier list? Simple! They are tied to the gacha (aka money) mechanic, and you should know rather what you got or are gunning for is good! Think of them as pets in other gacha games. This list will be updated regularly as new updates and balance changes are implemented to ZZZ, so stay tuned!

Tier List

Attention, all proxies! This is a list of all available bangboo that are willing to assist you on commissions. We will be going over the bangboo, their ranking, and simple explanation as to why they've earned their rank!

*This list takes into account base ascension level

CBT2 Tier List

Tier List Explanation

  • S Tier: These bangboo not only offer game altering stats or damage bonuses, but also provide buffs to the squad, or debuffs to the enemy, making them very valuable.
  • A Tier: The bangboo that typically offer game altering stats or damage bonuses, but no buffs or debuffs.
  • B Tier: These bangboo offer decent stats / damage bonuses, or mild buffs and debuffs
  • C Tier: The bangboo that offer small stat increases or damage bonuses
  • D Tier: These bangboo offer negligible stats and are best to be ignored, as mostly any other alternative would be better.

S Tier


Butler is at the top of this tier list because not only do they provide a highly valuable crit rate increase allowing you to sacrifice crit rate rolls on your gear, but also provides an attack buff and energy increase up to 3 times per minute for the agent you're current playing as. Attack buff is obvious, but the sudden boost in energy could make the difference between life and death in some situations. Even if you are not using Housekeeping Co agents, which they receive double the amount of crit rate increase, I would still recommend bringing Butler along if you're lacking in crit rate for your team and for the bonus attack and energy.


Safety increases the PEN ratio of the squad, and doubles the effect for Belebog agents, providing more damage penetration, which is valuable for bosses with high defense. Not only that, but Safety also debuffs a single target's defense up to 4 times a minute, making them a useful assistant in taking down tankier foes overall.

A Tier


Sharkboo offers a large damage increase to all of your ice agents, so if you are using majority ice agents in your squad or if your main damage dealer is an ice unit, this is an easy recommendation, given you don't need the stats that those in S rank provide. Sharkboo also deals high ice anomaly damage, giving your ice units an easier time to apply freeze and to CC the enemy, which could also prove very helpful in various situations.


Amillion gives you a very valuable crit damage stat increase and doubles the effect for Cunning Hares agents. This is valuable as it will allow you to either pump the teams crit damage to new heights, or sacrifice crit damage rolls for your gear, allowing you to specialize somewhere else if you so choose.

B Tier


While Exploreboo only offers you a small defense increase, which is not that desirable, they have an RNG buff mechanic that can either heal, provide an HP shield, or give you some extra energy to the agent currently on the field. While the buffs are small, they are applied up to 4 times a minute, and certain ones such as healing could be literally life or death, so keep that in mind!


Devilboo will provide a decent damage boost to Ether agents, as well as applying high Ether anomaly damage to foes, meaning it would be easier for the corrupt effect to be applied when combined with other Ether agents.


Luckyboo provides a decent crit rate increase to your entire party. Any boost to crit rate is helpful, and even though the crit rate increase does not compare to those above it, will still increase your odds of hitting crits. This boost is not enough to sacrifice crit rate rolls for your gear, however.


Paperboo provides a decent, squad wide attack increase. Straightforward, but effective, as an increase in attack will help your team overall deal more damage and clear out arenas quicker. The attack increase is not the biggest though, which is why Paperboo is only at B rank, as those above him offer more bang for your buck.

C Tier


Sumoboo will increase the damage that physical agents in your squad will deal. The damage increase is small when compared to the damage increases you get in the above tiers, which is why they are at C. If you have no other alternative for your physical squad, Sumoboo a decent temporary pick.

D Tier


Bagboo only offers a negligible increase to the squad's HP, which while it may increase your survivability, the amount of HP increase is so little, any other option will likely see much greater returns.

Update / Change Log

Updates / changes to the tier list will go here, as well as brief explanations. Usually as gacha games get older and get more updates, power-creep is introduced, causing pets (bangboo) to move down the list in order to make new pets more appealing, so expect the same here.


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