Anby Demara

Anby Demara

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Target confirmed. Commencing the operation.

Anby Demara is a character in Zenless Zone Zero.

Anby Demara Bio

A mysterious young girl who never talks about her past, almost as if she didn't have one.

She is calm and collected, and unusually competent and efficient in combat, almost as if she'd had years of training.

In an unexpected incident, Nicole brought her back to the Cunning Hares, and she's has an emotional independence on her ever since.

She loves watching movies, but due to certain lack of common sense she seems to almost think them real-life stories.

This is Anby Demara, a member of the Odd-Job Agency, the 'Cunning Hares'.

"Anby's Hollow survival rule No. 100: Constant concentration while in a Hollow..."

Voice Actors

  • Japanese: Atsumi Tanezaki
  • Chinese: Yan Ning (宴宁)

Base Stats

StatLevel 1
CRIT Rate5%
PEN Ratio0%
Energy Recover1.8
Crit DMG50%

Move List

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