Creative Commission | Equalizing Test Fan Art Contest is now live!

The Equalizing Test Fan Art Contest is now live! Participate in the event for a chance to win rewards, including a Steam Deck, Equalizing Test Qualifications, and various merchandise~

Dear Proxies:

The Equalizing Test Fan Art Contest is now live! Participate in the event for a chance to win rewards, including a Steam Deck, Equalizing Test Qualifications, and various merchandise~

[Event Duration]

1. Submission Period

Phase 1: 2023/11/4 – 2023/11/8 12:00 (UTC+8)

Phase 2: 2023/11/8 12:01 – 2023/12/24 23:59 (UTC+8)

※ Submissions during Phase 1 are also eligible to draw for Equalizing Test Qualifications.

2. Announcement Period

Announcement of Lucky Creator Prizes: 2023/11/9

Announcement of Outstanding Creator Prizes: from 2024/1/15

[Event Prizes]

1. Outstanding Creator Prizes (x20)

Steam Deck (64GB), 1 winner.

Logitech K835 Mechanical Keyboard, 3 winners.

Razer DeathAdder Essential, 6 winners.

Zenless Zone Zero merch bundle, 10 winners.

※ Merch bundle contains: 24-Slot Switch Game Cartridge Holder ×1, Bangboo Wrist Protector Mouse Pad ×1, Acrylic Fridge Magnet Collection - City NPCs Edition ×1.

2. Lucky Creator Prize (×50)

50 Proxies whose submissions meet eligibility requirements and who submitted during Phase 1 will be randomly selected to receive 1 Equalizing Test Qualification.

[How to Participate]

Method 1

1. During the event period, share a submission that adheres to the [Submission Rules] on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, or Instagram and include the hashtags #zzzero and #CreateForNewEridu.

2. Complete the submission information in the link:

※ Please ensure that your account and posts are set to Public during the event period.

Method 2

During the event period, click the [Post Image] button on the event page to upload a submission that meets the requirements.

[Submission Rules]

1. Please make a submission using one of the methods detailed in [How to Participate].

2. Participating submissions must be original fan art related to Zenless Zone Zero IP created within the last month. Multiple submissions are allowed in this event.

3. Submissions must exhibit a high degree of completion. Please note that unfinished sketches, works directly edited with graphic design tools (Photoshop, etc.), or works with copied elements pieced together are not eligible! Please submit a working sketch for submissions in the following manner. Otherwise, submissions may be deemed invalid:

① If using Method 1, please include a working sketch in the submission.

② If using Method 2, please include a working sketch in the post.

4. Identical works cannot be submitted to any other creative contests, as this would render them ineligible for prizes in this event.

[Selection Rules]

1. The Outstanding & Lucky Creator Prizes can be won by the same Proxy (each Proxy can win two rewards maximum). However, each prize can only be won once per Proxy (each Proxy can only win one reward for each prize).

2. If a prize-winning submission loses qualification due to a rules violation, another winner will be selected from eligible submissions. If the number or quality of submissions is insufficient, some prizes may remain un-awarded.

3. This event is held across multiple platforms, and submissions from all platforms will be considered together. The prizes mentioned apply across all platforms, and no allocations are made based on the platform or region.


1. Please refrain from posting content unrelated to this event, including but not limited to advertising links and other promotional content.

2. If the same submission is made on multiple platforms and wins, prizes will be awarded based on the platform of the initial submission after final verifications are completed (only one reward will be awarded).

3. Plagiarism, misappropriation, modification of others' work, and copyright infringement are strictly prohibited. Please ensure that any necessary references or authorizations are obtained and clearly indicated.

4. Please ensure the correct delivery information is submitted. Once submitted, this information cannot be modified. No compensation will be offered if the delivery is unsuccessful due to incorrect address details.

5. Test Qualification winners are advised to complete the Equalizing Test Sign-Up Survey within the deadline stated in the private message notification, or else they will be considered to have forfeited the reward. Please note that each HoYoverse Account can only obtain Test Qualification once across all related events. If you participate in the event and win Test Qualifications on different platforms, only one qualification will be issued.

6. For any other questions, please feel free to contact our customer service email: [email protected]

7. For more information, please refer to >>> Zenless Zone Zero General Rules for HoYoLAB Official Community Events

[Ownership Rights]

1. Once a valid entry is submitted in accordance with the rules detailed above, the creator of the work grants the Organizer (including its affiliated companies) non-exclusive, global, free, permanent, irrevocable, transferable, and sublicensable rights to the work. This includes online/offline signature broadcasts and displays, such as our official website, social media posts, offline exhibitions, etc.

2. Participants shall not use or grant to any third party commercial use of submissions during or after the event period without obtaining written consent from the Organizer.


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