Creative Commission | Equalizing Test Fan Video Contest is now live!

The Equalizing Test Fan Video Contest is now live! Participate in the event to win a Cherry mechanical keyboard and other merch~

Dear Proxies:

The Equalizing Test Fan Video Contest is now live! Participate in the event to win a Cherry mechanical keyboard and other merch~

[Event Duration]

1. Submission period

2023/11/24 – 2023/12/24 23:59 (UTC +8)

2. Announcement period

After 2024/01/15

[Event Prizes]

Outstanding Creator Prize (x20)

Cherry G80-3000S TKL RGB Mechanical Keyboard, 10 total.

Zenless Zone Zero merch bundle, 10 total.

※ Merch bundle contains: 24-Slot Switch Game Cartridge Holder x1, Wrist Protector Mouse Pad - Bangboo Edition x1, Acrylic Fridge Magnet Collection - Bangboo Edition x1.

[How to Participate]

Step 1:

During the event period, post a submission that meets the Submission Rules of YouTube. The description must include the line "This work has been submitted for the Zenless Zone Zero Equalizing Test event".

※ Account and video content must be set to Public during the event period.

Step 2:

Method 1: Click the link and fill out the submission info:

Method 2: During the event period, tap the [Publish Video] button on the event page, paste the YouTube link to your submission, and use the hashtag #CreateForNewEridu.

[Submission Rules]

1. Submit your work for the event in line with the rules from [How to Participate];

2. Participating submissions must be original fan video content related to the Zenless Zone Zero IP produced within the last month. The same participant may submit multiple works and participate multiple times;

3. Video content must meet the following guidelines:

1) Longer than 30 seconds in length of any resolution/size. Both landscape and portrait videos are acceptable;

2) Video content includes but is not limited to: in-game montages, MMD, hand-drawn, crafted, animation, music;

4. Identical works cannot be submitted to any other creative contests, as this would render them ineligible for prizes in this event. In the event of duplicate submissions from different accounts being submitted, the earliest submission will be counted.

5. Participants may not modify submissions outside the submission period;

6. Entries meeting any of the following criteria will be considered invalid

Works that: violate HoYoLAB rules, plagiarize or misappropriate other creators' work, contain unrelated content or advertising, remain unpublished after the submission deadline, are not submitted using valid event methods, contain any inappropriate content (such as political, religious/racial/gender discrimination, obscenity, slander/libel, insults, or potentially controversial topics).

[Selection Rules]

1. Prizes cannot be stacked; each participant can only obtain one prize.

2. If a prize-winning submission loses qualification due to a rules violation, another will be selected from eligible submissions. If the number or quality of submissions is too low, then some prizes may remain unawarded;

3. The rewards mentioned above are the total rewards for all regions, with no fixed amount allocated to each region.


1. Please do not post content unrelated to this event (including but not limited to advertising links, other promotional content, etc.).

2. Plagiarism, misappropriation, modification of others' work, and infringement of copyright are strictly prohibited. If any reference or authorization is required, please obtain and indicate sources yourself.

3. Please ensure the correct delivery information is submitted. This cannot be modified once submitted. No compensation shall be offered if prizes cannot be delivered due to an incorrect address.

4. Submitting your delivery address will be deemed as an agreement to share the submitted information with us and our logistics providers. Please rest assured that your address will be used solely for prize delivery purposes.

5. In the event of failure to send the physical rewards due to low inventory, logistics issues, or other unavoidable causes, some physical rewards may be substituted with other prizes of equal value. There may be some delays in prize delivery. We appreciate your understanding.

6. Prize winners shall be responsible for complying with any relevant tax policies of their country or region of residence, subject to the laws, regulations, and local tax policies of the prize winner's country or region of residence. During the prize delivery, you will need to contact your local customs and declare the item if needed for customs clearance. Prizes will not be resent if delivery fails due to failure to complete customs clearance.

7. Please do not re-sell any prizes.

8. HoYoverse employees and other relevant personnel cannot participate in this event.

9. For any other questions, please feel free to contact our customer service email: [email protected]

[Ownership Rights]

1. Once a valid entry is submitted in accordance with the rules detailed above, the creator of the work grants the Organizer (including its affiliated companies) non-exclusive, global, free, permanent, irrevocable, transferable, and sublicensable rights to the work. This includes online/offline signature broadcasts and displays, such as our official website, social media posts, offline exhibitions, etc.

2. During or after the event period, participants shall not use or grant to any third party commercial use of submissions unless they obtain written consent from the Organizer; failure to comply may result in disqualification by the organizer.


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