Koleda Best Builds

Koleda Belobog in Zenless Zone Zero is an S rank Agent who deals Fire anomaly and strike damage. She is a slow, but heavy hitter who specializes in stunning enemies with her giant hammer and dealing massive fire damage her Furnace Fire mechanic.

Below, you will find the best Breaker DPS builds for Koleda as of the ZZZ Equalizing Test. Rather you are a F2P player or a spender, this guide is for you! *Note that these builds assume base talent level.


Available on the standard banner, Koleda, a short but fierce president of Belobog Industries, is an agent that relies on slow but deliberate attacks that deal heavy daze and fire damage to stun her opponents. When combined with her right-hand bear Ben, she gets a damage and daze boost to her basic, special attacks and ultimate, so it is recommended he stays with her. Her unique mechanic Furnace Fire, gained upon executing a special EX attack or ultimate, can turn her basic attacks into enhanced fire attacks.

Due to Koleda's high impact stat and daze multipliers from her attacks, she should be built as a Breaker DPS. A breaker's main goal is to cause stun onto enemies to allow for chain attacks, or for your main DPS to pack on the punishment while the enemy is CC'd. Now that that's all out of the way, let's go over the best W-Engines, Disc Drives, Stats, Skills, Bangboo, and Teams for Koleda!


S - Hellfire Gears

⭐ PEN Ratio

Passionate Construction (level 1 stats)

  • Fire DMG is increased by 25%
  • When using an EX Special Attack, Impact is increased by 15%, this can stack up to 3 times, lasting 6 seconds each. Stack durations are calculated separately.
  • Since Koleda is built as a high impact unit, this overall helps the rate at which she can daze units, dependent on how many EX special attacks you can pull off in the short time frame.
  • Fire Damage increase is strong for Koleda, as her fire attacks deal heavy damage after the conditions to activate Furnace Fire are met.
  • PEN Ratio advanced stat means that Koleda will penetrate more of the enemy defenses, thus dealing more damage.

A - Precious Fossilized Core

⭐ Impact%

Behemoth Hunter (level 1 stats)

  • Attacks against enemies with above or equal to 70% HP inflict 15% more Daze.
  • Works in conjunction with a breaker DPS build, and Koleda already has a lot of impact and daze build up moves.
  • Works best with either mini bosses (elites), or bosses, as trash mobs will likely be wiped out before them being stunned would even be a possibility.
  • Impact% advanced Stat works to further increase how easily Koleda can accumulate daze and stun enemies.

B - [Vortex] Revolver

⭐ Impact%

Undercurrent (level 1 stats)

  • Basic attacks inflict 9% more Daze
  • The rare instance in which I can recommend a B rank, not only because of the excellent Impact% advanced stat, but also because of the bonus daze you get.
  • As this is a B rank, you should easily be able to max this out from just playing naturally, and in that case, Koleda inflicts 18% more daze to her already high daze basic attacks.

Disc Drives + Stats

Option 1 - "Teamwork, Dreamwork!"

4-Pieces Shockstar Disco

2-Pieces Inferno Metal

Main stats: IV. CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG | V. ATK% or PEN Ratio% | VI. Impact%

Sub stats in order of priority:

1. CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG | 2PEN if you have any Pen Ratio | 3. ATK% | 4. Attribute Mastery

This build relies on Koleda inflicting Stun as quickly and efficiently as possible. You want Impact% to be as high as you can get it on order for this build to work, and Koleda's abilities and passives already give big bonuses to Daze that helps you take full advantage of this build. This is less damage focused on Koleda's part, and more of a team enabler build. This is the true breaker build.

Option 2 - "Burn, Baby!"

4-Pieces Inferno Metal

2-Pieces Shockstar Disco

Main stats: IV. CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG | V. ATK% or PEN Ratio% | VI. Impact% or Anomaly Rate%

Sub stats in order of priority:

1. CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG | 2PEN if you have any Pen Ratio | 3. ATK% | 4. Attribute Mastery

This build is if you want Koleda herself to deal extra damage and don't mind if you sacrifice some team utility. Her abilities still allow her to stun relatively quickly, and if you're feeling like you're missing out on some DPS, go with this build. For VI, you can go Impact or Anomaly for either more stuns, or more burn damage.

Skill Priority


  1. Koleda + Ben combination has a very high daze multiplier on her special, as well as very high damage multiplier, making this a must for the breaker DPS build. The special EX move also activates Koleda's core additional ability, inflicting more burn damage.
  2. Again, Koleda with Ben basic attacks have high daze multipliers, especially the 4th hit, and attacks enhanced with Furnace Fire, making this next priority in order to effectively stun your opponents.
  3. With the fated Koleda and Ben duo, this offers some of the highest burst Daze in the game, but not as effective at applying daze as the skills mentioned above.
  4. Nothing special about the dodge, and no bonus from having Ben in her team, making this bottom priority.


S - Safety

Key Trait - Increases PEN Ratio of all Agents by 17.5%, and the PEN Ratio of Belobog Industries Agents by an additional 17.5%

Koleda and Ben are associated with Belobog Industries, and I believe these two should always be matched together, so with Safety, you will get the most bang out of your buck. This will give them both a total of 35% PEN Ratio to decimate enemy defenses. If you go this route, make sure you roll for PEN for your sub stats in order to take advantage of it.

Optimal Team Comp

As of now, this team consisting of Koleda, Ben, and Soldier 11 ensures fire synergy between all involved by checking off almost all of their Core Skill Additional Ability. For Koleda, when there are at least 2 fire agents, whenever she hits an enemy with an EX Special attack, the amount of burn damage the target takes is increased by 22.5%. This can be applied twice, and resets whenever the burn effect ends. Secondly, when there are at least 1 strike and 1 slash agent in the squad, Koleda inflicts 15% more Daze when dealing Fire DMG. Currently, the roster of agents cannot satisfy all core abilities in this squad, as Soldier 11 needs 2 Slash agents on top of 2 fire agents, but as of now, she fulfills the main fire DPS role that Koleda and Ben needs for that burn buildup.

If you are unable to attain these specific units, just Koleda and Ben should be enough fire DPS to cause burn, and there should be free methods to obtain Ben, if the events in the equalizing test is anything to go by.

Overall Thoughts

Koleda is an excellent unit that is an expert in applying daze to enemies and is best played as a team utility unit rather than as a straight DPS, aka, as a Breaker. If you combine her with Ben, which you should, all of her attacks are enhanced to deal even more damage and daze, which overall makes her more effective at her role.

If you're looking for a fire breaker unit, then rolling for Koleda is a no brainer. However, if she is tied to standard banner, I would wait for her to be featured, unless you're willing to spend ad-nauseum for a chance to get her! Let's hope there is a system in place similar to Star Rail where after enough pulls, you can just pick her in a selector.


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