[Prize Event] Volume Amplification Giveaway Starts Now!

Dear Proxies, the official giveaway event Volume Amplification has begun!

Pre-register for Zenless Zone Zero now for a chance to win Test Qualification, a Razer Laptop, iPhone 15, Sony Wireless Headphones, and other amazing prizes!

Come and join in!

>>> Head to Zenless Zone Zero Volume Amplification <<<

[How to Participate]

During the event, head to the Zenless Zone Zero Volume Amplification event page and complete specified tasks, including following the official accounts, pre-registration, and sharing the event to obtain draw chances, then click draw to draw prizes.

[Event Prizes]

Amplifying Test Qualification ×500

Razer Blade 14 Gaming Laptop ×1

Apple iPhone 15 128 GB ×2

Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones ×20

Amplifying Series: Rug - Bangboo Edition ×200

Amplifying Series: Finger Skateboard Charm - Bangboo Edition ×200

[Participation Reward]

Proxies who complete at least one draw can obtain the following virtual prize:

Volume Amplification Event-Exclusive Avatar Frame

[Event Duration]

March 17 – End of the Amplifying Test

(The end of the test will be announced separately. Please keep an eye out for later announcements.)

[Important Notes]

1. The deadline for redeeming physical prizes is May 31 23:59 (UTC +8). All winners of physical prizes should submit their delivery details via the prize page after being notified of their prize in the system notifications. [>>> Address Guide]

2. After receiving a prize notification from the system, winners of Test Qualification should ensure they fill out the Amplifying Test Sign-Up Survey before the end of the event, or else their prize will be considered forfeited. Please note that for all Test Qualification-related events, only a single Test Qualification can be awarded per user. The same HoYoverse ID, same email, or same phone number are all considered the same user.

3. The Amplifying Test is only open to users who are at least 16 years old. Users who fail to meet the age requirement will not be able to participate. Thank you for your understanding.

4. The distribution of Amplifying Test Qualification will end by the end of Amplifying Test Sign-Ups to make sure winning Proxies can begin testing as soon as possible. Once Amplifying Test Sign-Ups end, this event will no longer issue any more Amplifying Test Qualifications. Thank you for your understanding.

5. For more information, please see >> https://hoyo.link/8UghFPAL


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