Ridu Journal

Once again, welcome to New Eridu, Proxies!

The Amplifying Test is about to begin, so this is the perfect chance to report our changes and improvements from this version!

We also encourage Proxies to send us feedback regarding this version so we can continue bringing you more exciting, polished, and fun content~

Well then, let's get to it and take a look at our big updates for this version, the Amplifying Test!

(There are also some reveals for unknown data! Take a look~)

Keep Busy, Stay Free

New Combat Commissions Added

Combat commissions are a new type of side commission that is now available to Proxies. It's highly recommended for Proxies who want to focus on combat.

Whether you're a fighter or explorer, there are commissions for everyone!

Monitor Array Exploration Upgrade

The new Accelerated Playback function is now available to help you explore. It will also assist Proxies to speed up their progress.

Press any available tile in the Monitor Array to move rapidly to that location, saving you time and energy!

Main Story Now Includes Casual Mode and Challenge Mode

Proxies can choose between Casual Mode and Challenge Mode when playing the main story.

While Casual Mode is for Proxies who wish to simply relax and enjoy the story, Challenge Mode is for those who are after a challenge and some more intense combat.

Our goal is to be an Inter-Knot Master!

All-New Proxy Growth System

When Proxies reach a certain Inter-Knot Level and meet all the Rank-Up requirements, they can rank up their Reputation and unlock more difficult challenges.

Hollow Zero Rehaul

Reward System Update

Proxies can start exploring Hollow Zero when they pass the HIA Qualification Assessment.

There are multiple areas in Hollow Zero with different exploration mechanisms. You can obtain Investigation Points by repeatedly exploring these areas, which will earn you corresponding rewards.

Bangboo Here to Help

New Support Bangboo Added

Proxies will soon meet new companions called Support Bangboo. Support Bangboo will randomly appear in Hollow Zero. After inviting them into your squad, they'll fight alongside you in battle! (You can invite up to two Support Bangboo~)

Bangboo Chain Attacks Now Available

Apart from Support Bangboo, some Combat Bangboo now also have a Bangboo Chain Attack. They can execute special Chain Attacks in coordination with yours, helping you take down enemies on the battlefield!

Free Combat Bangboo

Proxies can use Bangboo Coupons (placeholder) to obtain Combat Bangboo from Signal Search for free. Bangboo Coupons can be earned for free through Hollow Zero, Rally Commissions, events, etc.

Unknown Data Now Revealed!

New Maps Coming Soon

All-new shopping district Lumina Square will soon become available to Proxies!

Walk through the bustling commercial district and savor the unique charisma New Eridu has to offer~

New Faction Incoming

Stay tuned for the Sons of Calydon, a faction active in the outer ring of New Eridu!

Hollow Special Operations Section 6 and New Eridu Public Security will soon also welcome new members!

A Whole New Chapter is About to Unfold

Chapter 2.5 is coming soon, and with it, Officer Zhu Yuan's official debut!

Chapter 3 will soon be available — mysterious messages, towers devoured by the Hollow... and what does this all have to do with the members of Victoria Housekeeping?


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