Rina Best Builds

Alexandrina Sebastiane, who often goes by Rina in Zenless Zone Zero is an S rank Agent who deals Electric anomaly and ranged striking damage. She has a unique playstyle consisting of two puppets, each of which can either apply electric or physical damage.

Below, you will find the support DPS builds for Rina as of the ZZZ Equalizing Test. Rather you are a F2P player or a spender, this guide is for you! *Note that these builds assume base talent level.


Available on the standard banner (as of current test), Rina, a maid apart of Victoria Housekeeping, is an S rank agent who deals ranged strike (physical) and electric damage with the use of her two puppets Drusilla and Anastasia. Rina is unique in the fact that instead of running on the ground like every other agent thus far, she floats, and has a very wide dodge, making it easy for her to play keep away from her enemies and poke them from a safe distance to apply massive electric and shock damage.

In my opinion, her kit is built around utility for an electric based team by offering buffs to the team when her puppets are out on the field, thus, I recommend building her as a support DPS. With all that said, this guide will cover the best W-Engines, Disc Drives, Stats, Skills, Bangboo, and Teams for Rina!


S - Canon Rotor

⭐ Attribute Mastery

Oversized Barrel (level 1 stats)

  • Crit Rate is increased by 16%.
  • Attacks that deal a CRIT on an enemy will deal an additional 275% ATK as damage. This effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds.
  • As of now, the best S Rank W-Engine for Rina.
  • Attribute Mastery advanced Stat works great with Rina, as she is already rated one of the highest at base 118, and her kit mostly consists of electric damage.
  • Crit rate increase means overall more DPS, and for supports, you want to crit on your hard-hitting specials and ultimate.

A - Electro-Lip Gloss

⭐ Attribute Mastery

Kiss of Death (level 1 stats)

  • Deal 40% more Attribute Anomaly Damage
  • 40% more assault damage could be very effective, considering that's where a huge bulk of Nekomata's damage will come from.
  • More Attribute Mastery = higher electricity damage, which is the bulk of her damage.

A - Starlight Engine

⭐ ATK%

Knight Plummel (level 1 stats)

  • Launching a Chain Attack increases ATK by 24% for 10s
  • (This bullet only applies if using optimal team) Rina's additional ability passive is activated whenever she does a Chain Attack or an EX Special, so what I would do is chain attack into Rina, she gets her 24% attack buff, then use her EX Special in order to fulfill both conditions of her passive. Finish off with her ultimate if she has it. On top of that, her second additional ability enhances her chain attack by 12%.
  • ATK% advanced stat on her W-Engine, while not ideal, will obviously help overall DPS.

A - Demara Battery Mark II

⭐ ATK%

In a Flash of Light (level 1 stats)

  • Electric damage is increased by 15%
  • Gain 2.7 Energy when a Dodge Counter hits an enemy. This effect can trigger once every 5 seconds.
  • Not only do you get a nice electric damage boost, but if you need to dodge upon switching over to Rina, this gives her a quick recharge of energy, which means her next rotation can come along quicker for even more damage and chances to apply the shock anomaly.
  • Again, ATK%, while not the ideal stat for Rina's W-Engine, will help her EX Special and Ultimate dish out more damage.

Disc Drives + Stats

Option 1 - "Wipe Away"

4-Pieces Thunder Metal

2-Pieces Woodpecker Electro

Main stats: IV. CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG | V. ATK% or PEN Ratio% | VI. Anomaly Rate%

Sub stats in order of priority:

1. CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG | 2Pen | 3ATK% | 4. Attribute Mastery

This build relies on there being shocked enemies on the field for the majority of the battle. Not only does shock play into Rina's kit by activating both of her bonus passives, but with Thunder Metal 4 piece, you also get a 30% bonus so that if she ends up using her special or ultimate on the enemy, will cause massive damage, and hopefully land a crit with the bonus crit chance from Woodpecker. As this build (and Rina in general) only shine with shocked enemies, Anomaly Rate% on VI is an absolute must.

Option 2 - "Electrolytic Cleaning"

4-Pieces Freedom Blues

2-Pieces Thunder Metal

Main stats: IV. CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG | V. Attribute Mastery or ATK% | VI. Anomaly Rate%

Sub stats in order of priority:

1. CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG | 2Pen | 3ATK% | 4. Attribute Mastery

This build takes advantage of the damage caused by shock. As Rina's attribute mastery is already naturally high, adding even more on top to it, and stripping away electric resistance with the help of 4-piece Freedom Blues will ensure Rina is a deadly support DPS. I do not recommend this build if another electric support or DPS is using it, however, as it does not stack, and 8 seconds is a long time with how fast you will rotate between units. Go with Option 1 if that is your situation.

Skill Priority


  1. As a support DPS, you're going to be switching to Rina whenever she has the energy to use her very powerful special attack, which also fulfills a condition of her core ability.
  2. As Rina's chain attack fulfills the second condition of her core ability, as well as the ultimate dealing heavy electric damage and debuffing, this is the next priority.
  3. You won't be using Rina's basic attack very much as a support DPS, however, whenever both puppets are out and she holds the basic attack button to return them to her, there is a huge damage multiplier. It's up to you to determine when to recall the puppets back to her, because leaving them out gives the team a constant buff.
  4. As Rina is a support, keep away agent, you won't use many dodge counters or attacks, however, her dash attack is a good way to quickly get both Drusilla and Anastasia out if you want your team to get the buffs from her passive.


S - Butler

Key Trait - Increases CRIT Rate of all Agents by 14%, and the CRIT Rate of Victoria Housekeeping Co. Agents by an extra 14%

Increasing the crit rate is generally good for everyone, and for Rina, as she is a member of Victoria Housekeeping, gets 28% crit rate, allowing you to focus your sub stats on other areas such as CRIT damage if you so choose.

S - Safety

Key Trait - Increases PEN Ratio of all Agents by 17.5%, and the PEN Ratio of Belobog Industries Agents by an additional 17.5%

Rina is already blessed with 15% PEN Ratio at level 60, this will further increase that by another 17.5%, giving her 32.5%, allowing Rina to penetrate even more of the enemies' defenses. To add, for Grace, an Agent that goes into Rina's optimal team comp, is a part of Belobog Industries, and she also happens to have natural 15% PEN at level 60, and with this, she ends at a total PEN Ratio of 50%, essentially ignoring half of the enemy's defense. In my opinion, if you have Grace and is in Rina's squad, use Safety. The same applies for Anton, who would end up with 35% PEN ratio.

Optimal Team Comp

This team consisting of Rina, Grace, and Anton ensures perfect electricity synergy between all involved by checking off all the requirements in their Core Skill Additional Ability. For Rina, when there are at least 2 electric agents, upon hitting an enemy with an EX Special Attack or Chain Attack the shock damage the enemy takes increases by 22.5%. This can stack two times for a total of 45% and is reset whenever shock ends. When you have two pierce agents, Rina's chain attacks deal 13% more damage. These go hand in hand, as to trigger the first passive, chain attacks work, and the second passive increases chain attack damage.

If you are unable to attain these specific units, I would go for the 2 electric agents' bonus, as that gives you the most return on investment. Rina definitely works best with a mono electric squad however, as her core passive gets buffed whenever there are shocked enemies on the field.

Overall Thoughts

Rina is a unique agent who offers both utility in her passives, as well as massive burst damage potential when everything is lined up. Getting the coordination down might take a bit of practice, but what I recommend is that you get your other electric agents cause enough impact damage to daze, chain attack into Rina, and use her special (then ultimate if she has it. This sequence checks off all the prerequisites for her core skills / passives and gets you in the situation to apply heavy damage with Rina.

Overall, if you want an optimal electric / shock support DPS with a unique playstyle that works perfectly with the team I highlighted above, I recommend Rina. However, if she is relegated to the standard banner only, I wouldn't worry about gunning for her until she's featured, unless you're a whale, of course.


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