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The film has faced allegations of copying a short internet film titled Alien Neighborhood released a few years prior. In response, the director clarified that Alien Neighborhood was actually his own earlier attempt at making the film and that he had used a pseudonym to release it due to his inexperience in filming at the time. Despite the director's explanation, some journalists have speculated that the plagiarism controversy was a deliberate tactic employed by the cast to generate hype for the film.


After the film's release, many private Hollow research institutes criticized Nihility for twisting the currently available Hollow research and being overly unrealistic. The new type of Ether particles depicted in the film do not interact with physical entities, much less cause giant Hollow disasters.

In response, the director said the film has no intention of misinterpreting current research, but hopes that through the film, people can be reminded to cherish this world and the people around them.


The stray cat starring in the film was indeed a stray and relied heavily on the lead Bangboo actor during filming. The Bangboo adopted the cat after filming and opened a social media account to record their life together.


During the filming of the movie, the production team had to travel to several remote areas. Various insects would often appear in the studio in such areas, so the crew had to purchase a large number of new insect-repellent Bangboo to ensure they could continue filming. The cast recommended the Bangboo model on their social media once filming ended, and the Bangboo quickly sold out.

There are some imaginative guys in the editorial team who are good at crafts, so this issue includes some inspiration from their time spent slacking off, washing, cleaning the litter box and time spent outside their normal contracted hours. Everyone should take a look!

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