THE NEW’S Vol.007 Reader’s Submission Edition

So please, keep the letters coming!

With the help of some coffee from Tin Master, we've finally gone through and sorted out all the letters from our readers that filled our letterbox! In this issue of THE NEW'S, we present a special edition featuring selected letters from our readers, offering a fresh perspective on the city of New Eridu.

I learned from the letters that you, the readers, are fascinated by what we have recommended so far, and many of you have written in to share your thoughts on our recommendations. It's wonderful to see we share the same interests.

To have such a sense of achievement is the dream of all editors. (●´∀`●)

So please, keep the letters coming!

What makes a good magazine?

If you bring that question to the editor-in-chief, I'm sure he will say he has no idea.

After all, it is the final question in the interview for a job at THE NEW'S. The editor-in-chief vowed to never reveal the correct answer, or it would undermine the recruitment process.

But I guess it's fine to reveal my own answer!

My direct quote: A good magazine interacts with its readers. Besides making enjoyable content for the readers, making them want to be part of the content is even better.

My column as a new intern of THE NEW'S, "Ridu Close-Ups" is coming soon. I look forward to receiving your submissions!

Submission Methods (including but not limited to):

1. Inter-Knot submission: Send a private message to the official account of THE NEW'S (20% of readers use this method);

2. Postal submission: Hand your letter over to the black cat that visits the noodle shop every Tuesday. If there is more than one black cat, please pass it to the one standing on the left/front/top of the shop (a riskier method as you need to choose the right cat);

3. Drop-off: Put your letter into containers labeled "THE NEW'S." The containers have different sizes, colors, and shapes, and you can usually find them next to phone booths, inside parking lots, and behind the news stand. (Please refrain from submitting yourself/jumping into the containers.)

4. In-person submission: Submit your letter to any editor you run into and use the secret phrase: Ehn-na na~ Nhu en-na! (Be mindful of the tone when stating the secret phrase and do not reveal your private information to those who do not recognize said secret phrase.)


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