All Shops in New Eridu Sixth Street

Zenless Zone Zero has a small open world for you to explore. In said words, the main area is New Eridu Sixth Street where your house is located. Near the house are various stores that are important in upgrading your characters and Bangboos.

Video Store: Random Play

On the surface, your video store is just that: a store that aims to provide video rental service to its customers.

Opening shop each day will get you a profit of Dennies. Bangboo 18 is responsible for the day-to-day management of the store. It also acts as a videotape promoter.

After entering your workshop, you will find the Archive (workbench) to your right. You can view Proxy Handbook, Partner Files, obtained Intelligence, and Hollow Codex here.

  • Proxy Handbook: Detailed explanations of different functions, including but not limited to important city info, combat techniques, and gameplay tutorials.
  • Partner Files: Basic information and Trust of the Agents you have established relationships with.
  • Intelligence: Information on Clues collected from inside the Hollows.
  • Hollow Codex: Resonia you've collected and special events you've encountered inside Hollows.

In front of the Archive is the Hollow Deep Dive System (HDD). You can use the HDD to sensory sync with First Assistant, controlling it to guide Agents and explore the Hollow.

This is the Sofa you carefully selected with Second Assistant. If you want to kill time or if it's getting late (you can see the moon icon beside the day on the top right), then you can take a break on the soda.

The Commission Log is on the shelf next to the sofa with video recordings of your important commissions.

Music Store: Bardic Needle

Bardic Needle is a music store run by Elfy. You can use Plating Agent in the music store to Tune Drive Discs that can improve Agent combat abilities. Elfy can also help you dismantle any drive disc that you don't need at the store, and recycle the materials.

Remodelling Shop: Turbo

Turbo is a car remodeling shop that has recently opened a new service for Bangboo. New Combat Bangboo models can aid you while fighting in the Hollows. I suggest heading over to learn more.

After completing Enzo's commission "No Guts No Glory," you can modify your First Assistant Eous. Splice a few chips useful for Hollow exploration, so it can provide additional assistance inside Hollows.

Noodle Shop: Waterfall Soup

Calculations place getting a bowl of noodles at the noodle shop on Sixth Street as being the top after-work pastime of 71% of all Sixth Street residents. After eating at the noodle shop, your next few battles will enjoy a buff.

Howl's News Stand

Opposite the noodle shop is Howl's News Stand run by Howl the hound: "Howl~"

You can check out the City News for a quick rundown on the big events happening in New Eridu. Meanwhile the news stand also has a Daily Scratch Card that lets you try your luck at getting a reward for yourself (You can get Film here if lucky).

Arcade: Godfinger

Beside the news stand is the Godfinger arcade run by Asha. The arcade currently has two games available to play: Soul Hounds III and Snake Duel. Completing achievements in these two games can earn you Film.

Rumor has it, the store will soon hold a time-limited event where you can win generous rewards by fighting online multiplayers battles.

Coffee Shop: Coff Cafe

As a famous chain across New Eridu, each Coff Cafe has a Tin Master barista focused on focusing you with high-quality, industrial-strength coffee.

Drinking coffee can restore 60 Battery Charge. Some coffee also bestow you with a buff after drinking, increasing rewards from completing selected game modes for a specified number of times. Except for the special event blends, coffee is limited to one cup per day.

Convenience Store: 141

Opposite Coff Cafe, there's a convenience store run by Bangboo. You can spend Dennies in-store to purchase Skill Upgrade Materials for Agents.

Gadget Store: Box Galaxy

The gadget store Box Galaxy is currently run by Susie. Its main line of business is the sale of all kinds of gadgets. When you visit the store, they will provide you with sales and recycling services for W-Engines.


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