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Zenless Zone Zero is similar in terms of playstyle to Honkai Impact 3rd, where there are a lot of spam attacks and dodge mechanisms. If you want to achieve success in this game, you definitely should master the combat system here. Conveniently, you can enter the VR Testing Machine to enter the VR Training and perfect those combat abilities.

Battle Interface


When your Agents' health is depleted, please evacuate from the Hollow immediately.


Agents gain Energy over time when they are on the field. Basic Attacks, Dodge Counters, and Dash Attacks also generate Energy for Agents.

Additionally, breaking supply chests and picking up Energy matter dropped by defeated enemies increase Energy for the entire squad.


When enemies are hit, they accumulate Daze. When Daze reaches 100% enemies become Stunned, rendering them unable to move and more susceptible to damage.


Writer's note: I will be using the keys from the PC version.

Basic Attack

Press [Left-Click Mouse] to launch Basic Attack.
Some Agents can also unleash alternative moves by holding [Left-Click Mouse] during a Basic Attack Combo.

Special Attack + EX Special Attack

Press [E] to launch a Special Attack.
Special Attacks have a Heavy Attack effect.
Special Attacks are enhanced when your accumulated Energy exceeds the Energy Icon. Once you've gathered sufficient Energy, both the Special Attack button and the Energy Icon will light up, signaling that you may press [E] to expend Energy and launch an EX Special Attack.

Chain Attack

If there are 2 or more Agents in your squad, hitting a Stunned enemy with a Heavy Attack with trigger a Chain Attack.
Pressing an Agent's avatar on the left or right before the countdown at the bottom of the screen ends will trigger the Agent's Chain Attack.
When your squad is full, hitting a Stunned Normal Enemy triggers 1 Chain Attack, while hitting a Stunned Elite Enemy triggers 2 Chain Attacks, and hitting a Stunned Boss Enemy triggers 3 Chain Attacks.


Hitting enemies, using Chain Attacks and Dodge Counters, and triggering Assist Follow-Ups build up Decibel Rating.
When your Decibel Rating reaches 3000, the Ultimate button will light up, signaling you may press [Q] to clear the Decibel Rating and unleash an Ultimate.

Dodge + Dash Attack

Press [Right-Click Mouse] to Dodge.
Using a Basic Attack while dodging will launch a Dash Attack.

Perfect Dodge + Dodge Counter

When an Agent is about to be attacked, tap [Right-Click Mouse] to launch a Perfect Dodge. After a successful Perfect Dodge, immediately tap Basic Attack to launch a Dodge Counter with a Heavy Attack effect.

Switching Agents

When there are 2 or more Agents in the squad, pressing [Space] Will replace the Agent on the field with the next Agent to its right on the Agent bar in the top-left corner.

Assist Attack

When the Agent on the field is knocked back, another Agent's Assist Attack window will trigger. Switching Agents during this window trigger a Reactive Assist. Reactive Assist have a Heavy Attack effect.

Perfect Assist

When the Agent in combat is about to get hit, press Switch Agents to switch out, consume Assist Points, and activate a Perfect Assist. There are two types of Perfect Assists:

  1. Defensive Assist: Parry the enemy's attack and inflict Daze.
  2. Evasive Assist: Dodge the enemy's attack and trigger Vital View.

You can activate up to 3 Perfect Assists in a row within a certain period. You can trigger Chain Attacks to regenerate Assist Points. When you do not have Assist Points, the Agent switching in will automatically Perfect Dodge instead.

After a successful Perfect Assist, click Basic Attack or Special Attack to launch Assist Follow-Up.

The flashing prompt before enemy attacks signals which moves can activate a Perfect Assist.

  • A golden flash indicates a Perfect Assist can be triggered.
  • A red flash indicates you do not have enough Assist Points, or the requirement for this type of Perfect Assist are not met.
  • An attack without a flash indicates a Perfect Assist cannot be triggered.

Agent Specialties

All Agents are categorized into five Attributes: Fire, Electric, Ice, Physical, and Ether.
In addition, Agents can specialize in three different fighting styles: Slash, Strike, and Pierce.

Before starting a commission, it's best if you select Agents of corresponding specialties based on the commission's combat requirements to provide your squad with an advantage in battle.

Agent Training

  • Impact determines the rate at which you apply Daze to your enemies.
  • PEN allows your Agents to penetrate a certain amount of the enemy's DEF when attacking.
  • Energy Regen determines the amount of Energy per second Agents automatically gain in battle.
  • Certain Hollows may grant a bonus Energy Generation Rate, which allows your Agents to gain more Energy through automatic regeneration and attacking enemies.

Attribute Anomaly

Dealing elemental damage also accumulates Anomaly Buildup that inflicts various Attribute Anomalies on enemies! Once a certain level of buildup is reached, the enemy will be afflicted with an Attribute Anomaly Debuff of the corresponding Attribute.

Additionally, exploiting enemies' weakness to certain Attributes to trigger Attribute Anomaly will intensify the Anomaly effect.

  • Electric attacks counter robotic enemies
  • Fire attacks counter organic enemies
  • Ether attacks counter Ether enemies

1) Electric

Dealing Electric damage to enemies accumulates the Electric Attribute Anomaly, which triggers the Shock effect when enough is accumulated.
Shock: Being attacked intermittently triggers additional Electric damage and interrupts enemy actions. Robotic enemies are unable to move while Shocked.

2) Fire

Dealing Fire damage to enemies accumulates the Fire Attribute Anomaly, which triggers the Burn effect when enough is accumulated.
Burn: Deals continuous Fire damage. Organic enemies are unable to move while Burned.

3) Ether

Dealing Ether damage to enemies accumulates the Ether Attribute Anomaly, causing the Corruption effect when enough is accumulated.
Corruption: Causes additional Ether damage when attacked. Corrupted Ethereal enemies will also attack both friend and foe.

4) Physical

Dealing Physical damage to enemies accumulates the Physical Attribute Anomaly, which triggers the Assault and Armor Break effects when enough is accumulated.
Assault: Interrupts the enemy and deals massive Physical damage.
Armor Break: Physical Damage Resistance is reduced for a certain period.

5) Ice

Dealing Ice damage to enemies accumulates the Ice Attribute Anomaly, which triggers the Freeze and Frostbite effects when enough is accumulated.
Freeze: Prevents taking action for a certain period, and triggers Shatter at the end of the effect, dealing Ice damage. Frostbite: Ice Damage Resistance is reduced for a certain period.


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