“Stock Up” Web Event is Now Live!

Dear Proxies,

The "Stock Up" web event is now live! Participate to obtain up to A-Rank W-Engine: Slice of Time, Boopon ×3, A-Rank Drive Discs, etc., as well as a chance to win an iPhone 15 Pro, a PlayStation®5, Zenless Zone Zero merch, and other prizes!

Click to participate: https://hoyo.link/b0yiFNAL

[Event Duration]

1. Event Participation Period: 2024/05/28 12:00:00 – 2024/07/18 23:59:59 (UTC+8)

2. Inventory Exchange Period: 2024/07/04 10:00:00 – 2024/07/18 23:59:59 (UTC+8)

[Event Details]

1. During the event, Proxies can log into the page daily or complete daily missions to get card-flip chances. Complete the Connect Challenge to obtain rewards (in-game items).

2. Use one card-flip chance to get a 3×3 card that is equal to 9 tiles. Proxies can flip the cards one by one. When a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of identical rewards is formed, Proxies will obtain that reward.

[Event Rewards]

A-Rank Reward (Rate: 3%): A-Rank W-Engine - Slice of Time

B-Rank Reward (Rate: 15%): Boopon (max. 3)

C-Rank Reward (Rate: 6%): A-Rank Drive Disc - Woodpecker Electro [2], A-Rank Drive Disc - Shockstar Disco [2], A-Rank Drive Disc - Hormone Punk [2]

D-Rank Reward (Rate: 8%): B-Rank Drive Disc - Woodpecker Electro [2], B-Rank Drive Disc - Shockstar Disco [2], B-Rank Drive Disc - Hormone Punk [2], B-Rank Drive Disc - Soul Rock [2], B-Rank Drive Disc - Swing Jazz [2], Official Investigator Log, W-Engine Power Supply, Denny ×3,000

"Lucky Prize" Special Event

1. During the event, Proxies who have participated in the "Lucky Prize" event on the event page and completed the event tasks can claim draw chances. Use draw chances to participate in the draw for a chance to win an iPhone 15 Pro 256GB, a PlayStation®5, physical Zenless Zone Zero merch, and other rewards.

2. Invite friends to support you in obtaining prize draw attempts: After using your HoYoverse Account to log in to this web event page, Proxies can generate an exclusive invitation link on this page. Share your exclusive link to invite your friends to support you. For each friend who successfully supports you through an exclusive link, you will get 2 prize draw opportunities. (You'll get 1 extra card-flip chance when a friend supports you for the first time each day.)

3. Friend Support: Proxies can also support their friends. You can have up to 5 opportunities to support others during the event. Each time you support a friend, you will get 2 prize draw attempts.

4. Each Proxy can obtain up to 30 prize draw attempts.

5. Prizes

Prize 1: iPhone 15 Pro 256GB ×3

Prize 2: PlayStation®5 ×10

Prize 3: Nintendo Switch ×20

Prize 4: Zenless Zone Zero Phone Stand (Bangboo) ×120

Prize 5: Zenless Zone Zero Rug (Bangboo) ×120

Prize 6: Zenless Zone Zero Finger Skateboard Charm ×120

Prize 7: Zenless Zone Zero Character Stand (Random) ×120

※ Please visit event page for more details


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