Zenless Zone Zero Officially Releases on July 4 on All Platforms

Dear Proxy,

Thank you for your ongoing interest in and support of Zenless Zone Zero.

Zenless Zone Zero officially releases on all platforms on July 4. We look forward to meeting you on Sixth Street when entry to New Eridu is granted.

The "Stock Up" web event is now live to support new Proxies:

Participate and you can obtain up to A-Rank: Slice of Time, Boopon ×3, A-Rank Drive Discs, and other in-game items. Don't miss out!

Join Now: https://hoyo.link/b0yiFNAL

The Pre-Registration Milestones event is also in progress:

Participate in the official release and you can obtain up to Master Tape ×20, Boopon ×5, Agent Corin ×1, and more!

Official Site Pre-Registration: https://hoyo.link/1OAjFNAL


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