Zenless Zone Zero Amplifying Test Server Opening Announcement

Dear Proxies:

The Amplifying Test is about to begin! Pack your bags and get ready to head out for New Eridu!

▼ Test Start Time ▼

2024/4/18 11:00 (UTC+8)

▼ Test End Time ▼

To be announced later. Please follow the official news for more info.

▼ Please Note ▼

Your Test Qualification will be tied to the first device you log in with on each platform, i.e. a single HoYoverse ID can only log in with one iOS device, one Android device, and one PC. If you change devices on a given platform during the test, you will be automatically banned (this includes switching from iPhone to iPad).

Due to the possibility of account sharing and trading, game accounts that are banned and disqualified from the test for changing devices will not be open to appeals.

Please do not trust account sharing or trading, or test installation package sale-related info. Please protect your personal account information and property to avoid unnecessary losses.

▼ Game Issues & Suggestion Feedback ▼

During the test, Proxies can give feedback on issues and suggestions in the following ways:

Press the back button in the top-left corner of the City interface, press "More" - "Feedback," select an issue type, fill in, and submit feedback.

You can also contact customer service if you encounter any issues with the game.

Customer service email address: [email protected]

We will continue to optimize the game's content and improve its quality based on your feedback.

▼ About the Amplifying Test ▼

The Amplifying Test is the third beta for Zenless Zone Zero. It is a closed, limited test that will have all data deleted once it ends. Zenless Zone Zero is still in the development stage, and as such, the content found in the beta test does not represent the final quality.


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