Creative Commission | Amplifying Test Fan Art Contest is now live!

Dear Proxies,

The Amplifying Test Fan Art Contest is now live!

This contest consists of two categories: stickers and illustrations~

Participate for a chance to win an iPhone 15, KTC Monitor, and other prizes!

Some exceptional stickers may become available on HoYoLAB~

[Event Duration]

1. Submission Period

2024/03/17 12:00 – 2024/04/29 12:00 (UTC +8)

2. Announcement Period

After 2024/05/28

[Event Prizes]

1. Outstanding Creator Prize (x20)

Category 1: Stickers

KTC 32" Mobile Monitor A32Q5 ×1

Microsoft Xbox Series Controller ×3

Logitech ERGO M575 Wireless Bluetooth Mouse ×6

※ Some exceptional stickers may become available on HoYoLAB

Category 2: Illustrations

iPhone 15 128GB ×1

Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones ×3

Sony SRS-XB13 Bluetooth Speakers ×6

2. Lucky Creator Prize (×10)

Of Proxies who submit entries for this Fan Art contest in accordance with the rules, 10 Proxies will be randomly drawn to each receive a Zenless Zone Zero Merchandise Bundle.

[How to Participate]

Method 1: Submit on Social Media

Step 1 - During the event, post a submission that adheres to the submission rules on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtags #zzzero and #CreateForNewEridu

Step 2 - Click the following link and submit your entry details:

※ Please remember to also submit images of your illustration process and select your category

※ Only one artwork may be submitted per submission. For multiple artworks, please submit them separately in multiple submissions

※ During the event, the account with which you are participating and your submission post must remain public and accessible

Method 2: Submit on HoYoLAB

During the event, select your chosen category and press the [Post Image] button on this event page, upload a submission that adheres to the submission rules along with images of your illustration process to participate.

[Submission Rules]

1. Participating submissions must be original fan art related to the Zenless Zone Zero IP created within the last month.

2. Sticker category submissions can be still or dynamic, in chibi or normal style, can have text, and can be submitted as a jpg, png, gif, etc. Invalid submission types: line art, pixel art, videos.

3. Illustration category submissions include character illustrations, key art, art of scenery or environments, etc. Invalid submission types: line art, icons, minimalist art, etc.

4. Please upload your illustrative process when submitting your entry. Works created via modifying or editing existing images using tools such as photoshop and AI art are all invalid submissions.

5. A single HoYoverse account can make multiple submissions, participate in both categories at once, and participate in the random draw multiple times. Upon winning two different prizes, the winner will only receive the highest-ranked prize among the prizes won. Upon winning prizes of the same rank in both categories, the winner will only receive the illustration category prize. A single HoYoverse account can only win one prize.

6. Identical works cannot be submitted to any other creative contests, as this would render them ineligible for prizes in this event.

7. Please carefully read the [Notes]. Submissions violating the rules stipulated in the [Notes] will be disqualified. Depending on the severity, violators may be permanently banned from HoYoLAB and from participating in any future HoYoLAb events.


1. Please refrain from posting content unrelated to this event, including but not limited to advertising links and other promotional content.

2. This event is held across multiple platforms, the prizes mentioned apply across all platforms, and no allocations are made based on the platform or region.

3. The organizer will carefully review all participating accounts. During the event, to create a positive environment for our game and community, all Proxies should remember to adhere to the HoYoverse Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and HoYoLAB Community Rules, as well as understand and agree to not participate in or post the following:

- Any content that contains hate or prejudice against any race, gender, religion, sexuality, culture, region, etc.

- Any political or NSFW content

- Harassment or bullying directed at any individual or group

- Providing misleading or invalid information

- Content or works that violate Trademarks, Copyright, patents, portrait rights, or other legal protections, as well as content or works that were stolen, plagiarized, reposted without permission, or involve falsely claiming to be the creator of the work

- Taking advantage of loopholes in the rules or technical flaws to participate unfairly

- Spreading misinformation or causing others to spread misinformation regarding the current event, or any other slander that may damage the reputation of the organizer

- Violating any event rules imposed by the organizer, initiating or participating in any acts that may prevent the event from proceeding as usual, or any acts that may negatively impact the fairness of the event or organizer, or negatively impact the event or organizer itself

- Using submitted works for commercial use, or granting commercial use rights to other parties during or after the event

- Any other acts forbidden by laws, regulations, the game Terms of Service, etc.

Those who fail to adhere to these stipulations will have restrictions imposed upon them, including but not limited to, disqualification of submissions, disqualification from the event, banning of accounts of communities or platforms under the organizer, etc.

4. If any winning submission or participant is disqualified due to any violations of rules and regulations during the winner announcement period, new winners shall be selected from qualifying participants, and the organizer reserves the right to permanently disable all and any permissions of the violator's HoYoLAB account, including permissions to participate in any community events.

5. If there are too few submissions or if submissions do not meet quality requirements, there may be unwon prizes.

6. Please make sure to provide your delivery address correctly, within the timeframe stipulated by the event, if you win any physical prizes. Failure to do so shall be considered a forfeiture of your prize. Once submitted, the delivery address cannot be modified, and we will not resend the prizes if our logistic provider fails to deliver due to an incorrect address.

7. Submitting your delivery address will be deemed as an agreement to share the submitted information with us and our logistics providers. Please rest assured that your address will be used solely for prize delivery purposes.

8. In the event of failure to send the physical rewards due to low inventory, logistics issues, or other unavoidable causes, some physical rewards may be substituted with other prizes of equal value. There may be some delays in prize delivery. We appreciate your understanding.

9. Prize winners shall be responsible for complying with any relevant tax policies of their country or region of residence, subject to the laws, regulations, and local tax policies of the prize winner's country or region of residence. During the prize delivery, you will need to contact your local customs and declare the item if needed for customs clearance. Prizes will not be resent if delivery fails due to failure to complete customs clearance.

10. During or after the event period, participants shall not use or grant to any third party commercial use of submissions unless they obtain written consent from the organizer; failure to comply may result in disqualification by the organizer.

11. We are unable to address questions regarding event participation status and draw results. Thank you for your understanding.

12. HoYoverse employees and other relevant personnel cannot participate in this event.

13. Once a valid entry is submitted in accordance with the rules detailed above, the creator of the work grants the organizer (including its affiliated companies) non-exclusive, global, free, permanent, irrevocable, transferable, and sublicensable rights to the work. This includes online/offline signature broadcasts and displays, such as the official website, social media posts, offline exhibitions, etc. of the organizer or other third parties.

14. If you discover any work that plagiarizes another work, was reposted, or violates any form of Copyright, Trademark, etc., please send the violating submission and link of the submission to customer service and outline their violations. In addition, for any other questions, please also feel free to contact our customer service email:http://[email protected]


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